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There might have once been a day when vehicles were simple. Straightforward. Uncomplicated. For many of us near Smithtown and Kings Park, that time has seemingly passed. With so many technologies in new vehicles today, from infotainment systems, to computers that monitor everything from tire pressure to open doors, modern Honda models, like other new vehicles, are filled with technology. Learn how to use this technology properly though, and your life will undoubtedly become simpler, not more complex!

To that end, we're happy to provide you a vast range of Honda Tech Tutor videos, to assist you and others like you around Farmingville, NY make the most of your Honda!

Honda Tech Tutor Videos: Become More Tech Savvy

The "digital native" generation that has grown up with technology learns, seemingly, through osmosis. Actually, a lot of the reason Middle Island area millennials and those younger than them are so tech-savvy is prolonged exposure to technology. If you're a little less tech-savvy or are just looking for some tips to better use the tech in your Honda car, truck, or SUV, the first thing to know is that's normal. Second, know that you can, with our help, change that more quickly than you might think!

We know you're probably already an expert in sending all the latest emojis, and can tell the difference between an "LOL" and a "ROFL", but learn how to sync your phone with your Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, and you'll be better equipped to safely send messages to friends and family. We know you're probably also a defensive driver (even when the LIE or Middle Country Road are so congested it makes you want to scream). But learn more about your Honda model's Honda Sensing® technology, and you'll stand to be among the safest drivers on the road near Holbrook and Commack!

From comfort & convenience tech to audio and infotainment, to other tips & tricks – like how to properly & safely secure your floor mats – you can better acquaint yourself with all the features & technologies in your Honda by browsing our Honda Tech Tutor videos!

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