When you’re looking for a new vehicle to help you deal with the demands of a Smithtown or Commack winter, you’ll likely find a variety of 4x4 and all-wheel drive vehicles that pique your interest. While you may not immediately know which is best for the snowy roads of Farmingville and Middle Island, Nardy Honda is here to help!

The All-Wheel Drive Advantage

The simple answer for Holbrook drivers is that all-wheel drive is the best choice for handling the snowy and slippery roads of winter. That’s because 4x4 vehicles are driving all four wheels all the time, but require a manual change to switch to two-wheel drive mode. This means that you have less control over how your vehicle is delivering power, and sometimes 4x4 isn’t the best way to go.

Meanwhile, all-wheel drive operates primarily as a front-wheel drive powertrain. This gives you an excellent level of control over the vehicle during normal driving, even when the roads are slippery. Only when you need the assistance of all four wheels pushing forward will you get it. This not only makes all-wheel drive vehicles more fuel efficient, but they are safer as well. You are much less likely to lose control in the first place with a front-wheel drive setup. All-wheel drive is there as backup, available to help you with extra grip if you bog down or some handling assistance if you begin to slip. With 4x4 delivering power to the rear wheels as well as the front, it is much easier to initiate a slide you weren’t expecting.

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At Nardy Honda, we have a wide range of all-wheel drive vehicles to choose from so you can find the quality SUV you need to tackle the demands of driving through a Kings Park winter.

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