One sure-fire way to keep your Honda running at tip-top shape is paying attention when it needs its

The Maintenance Minder connects with your Honda's on-board computer system and monitors your engine's vital information like speed, temperature and vehicle use. Then provides continuous information on your oil. It will tell you when you've reached 15% of your oil's life. That is when you need to consider what day and time work best to schedule your appointment with the service team at Nardy Honda. At 5%, you need to get in to see the team at Nardy Honda.

If your car is older than a year or two, there are other things to keep track of when the time comes for service. Your Honda is good at indicating when it needs some TLC. Sometimes it is in the form of an indicator light. When you see a wrench illuminated on your driver display, that means it is time for an oil change or service. Go to your vehicle's menu and it will show you your engine's oil life. You may also see a code displayed, either the letter A or B, and a subcode, numbered 1-6. That will tell you whether you just need an oil change, if it is time to rotate your tires, or replace other fluids.

Nardy Honda knows your time is valuable. That is why you get to pick when you make the trip from Commack or Holbrook to see our team. Simply schedule your visit, we'll get you checked in, checked out and back on the road home to King's Park and Middle Island. After you plan your trip in from Farmingville, find a coupon in our service specials to save on the task at hand. Nardy Honda wants to help you take care of your Honda.

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