Winter is the season people tend to prepare for when performing maintenance, repairs, and changes on their cars. However, it is important for drivers to maintain their cars with every change in season, as the weather can greatly affect how your car performs. These are a few of the Honda maintenance services that we recommend for each season.

Preparing for the Spring

Rising out of the winter, spring is the season in which the temperatures start to rise back up. However, some areas still maintain a cold climate during their spring seasons. Due to the wear that it experiences over the winter, it is good practice to have your vehicle’s complete ignition system checked during the spring. Additionally, have the gaskets and rubber seals of your Honda checked and replaced if they need to be.

Preparing for the Summer

With the rising heat of the summer, one of the most important components of your vehicle that you will want to have inspected is the cooling system. Having your Honda model’s cooling system inspected will keep both you and your vehicle cool during the hot summer months.

Preparing for the Fall

Fall is a great season for you to begin preparing your Honda for the colder winter months. Like your vehicle’s suspension system and body condition, simple inspections of components can prevent larger issues from arising during the winter.

Preparing for the Winter

Winter poses the biggest challenge for vehicles. If your Honda comes equipped with summer tires, it will be necessary for you to switch them to winter tires if you live in an area that experiences snowfall.

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