As the price of gas continues to ascend, you may be thinking of ways to save at the pump. You may consider cutting down your driving by taking the bus or riding your bike around Smithtown. But where is the fun in that? One sure way to limit the amount you spend filling up is to get behind the wheel of a Honda from Nardy Honda. Honda continues to produce models that are amazingly thrifty when it comes to their gas consumption.

But a lot of automakers may claim their vehicles have great gas ratings. Honda backs it up. In the "2021 EPA Automotive Trends Report," Honda found itself ranked first among Full-line automakers in miles per gallon. In the "Real World Fuel Economy" category, it ranked second, thanks to its better-than-average fuel efficiency.

Another contributing factor to saving on climbing gas prices is the Honda lineup of hybrid models. Some of Honda's most popular models have a hybrid option, like the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid and the 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid. The 2022 Honda Insight is a quality hybrid-only model designed to keep you from spending too much time and money at the pumps.

The nation has not yet fully shifted away from fossil fuels, but Honda is changing with the times. In the future, you'll find even more fuel-efficient and hybrid options, to help ween you away from gasoline. In the meantime, turn to a Honda to help ease the burden of gas in your budget. Find yourself behind the wheel of one of our great models and you should immediately start seeing the savings.

View our selection online or visit Nardy Honda to discover stylish and fuel-efficient models, designed to fit your personality. Your search starts in Smithtown.

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